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   I dunno what time it is. Is it also important cuz the time is flying as a bird. I pointed to hear the silence and start hearing. I am like a blind and there is nothing to see. Was i looking to the picture which hangs on the wall or my life which is in front of me. Only blurred. I cant remember how much time i stood there but when someone sat near to me, i had noticed me. Me… How fucking strange!

   He started to speak and i saw the reticence of silence. Actually he seemed that he was willing to listen. “I know u” “What” “Ur name…Night” “R the names are enough to know us”.

   We have argued about that for a while. When he had finished the discussion, i turned my head. I was feeling good when the weather’s geting darker and darker. He who i did not ask his name was looking to me . I had known that there were some sentences which he needed to say… I stopped to look the black sky now i am on him.
   “What r u doin’?” “Cant u see” “Stop looking me,huh?” “If u say what do u want from me, maybe” “Me… Want something from u?” “Sorry?” “I think u are schizoid” after that, there was a lightning. Black clouds went away, my smile appeared like a bright sun. Rain will cry after the escapers. It will bring their smells, feelings to me again an’again. Is rain the most significant thing that we need to feel? It reminded everything which i had to remember and think to me. He forced people to run away and reset everything when it had watched above them. I was bemused, forgot or maybe sleep.
   “I really think that u r schizoid” “What the…?” “Schizoid” “Maybe u are right, i might have been in hospital. Nobody around me. I push everybody who want to be close to me. Dont speak with people. Live in a small with white wall room. Be conscious with drugs, or unconscious.” “I stay with u. Hold ur hand and read a book to you” .

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