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As you check your memory, you get distracted by a reflection coming from the opposite shore. Then you forget where you were looking at, in order to think. As if it was where your eyes were fixed… You want to seize that moment once again. I can’t say that you are wrong, this was a moment bestowed upon to you. And now, the feeling that it is even farther away from you, has no equivalent portrayal.
You were far away, and you must have exhausted your mind so much that you just stood there under the shower, with only your loneliness by your side. Needles dab into your fingertips, who knows how long you had stood in the cold? Since you know that there will be worse moments than this you seem like you are grateful to yourself. Because; lovers despise summer. You are aware that you had not ben this close for a very long time. The farther you look, the more you see into the past. This is why you force your mind to think harder. Between crying and not crying, you suddenly choose to jump.

Missing someone, is an empty swing harnessed to your ribs.
It sways with every gust that fills your void.
As it sways it creaks, your insides hurt.
Therefore, a lover knows it’s impossible to live by the sea.”

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