Bilgi paylaştıkça çoğalır

My mind is like a telephone that never gives a busy tone.
It’s ringing but nobody gets it but it doesn’t want me to stop.
Like saying never give up hoping.
Like saying listen to nobody anymore who says what you can’t say anymore.
It’s making me silent. It’s kills my need of speach.
And making me feel as if everybody around me understands me.
But I’m forgetting actually nobody understands me.
Their saying “I don’t understand you” drives me crazy.
Actually without much intention I don’t make myself understood.
Nobody’s speaking like me, like I assume.
I choose the easy way just beacuse somebody’s writting.
I’m picking up few sentences and believe them.
My subjects are inverting somebody else’s sentences, you don’t know that.
When I attempt to make it clear it’s subjects are changing.
Because when you keep silent they find a way to live and proliferate in your mind.
I can’t feel like I’m breathing anymore.
Could the reason for the pain in my neck be their desire to keep me captive?
Because when I keep my silence they find a way to live in my mind.
And I’m feel like I’m losing my mind.

By Elif Şen

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