Bilgi paylaştıkça çoğalır

‘’İf you don’t throw away the dish residues  and prefer  to  watch how they go away with compressed water the result will be quite simple: First it’s going to smell nice(?) and then the accumulated water will slowly go away.’’

What happens with the dreams we see? Perhaps we can see five dreams in one night, can’t we? Dreams exist to tell about them. But if you prefer to be quiet , this means that you are in a type of occlusion. Unfortunately there is no plumber who can handle this occlusion and it is not that easy like making a few hand movements in the washbowl. Also any alcohol content can’t approach the effect of ‘’porçöz’’ (a chemical cleaning agent).

You  think that you can solve the problem  with a few hand moves , but your kitchen sink makes insidious plans for you…

Where do the dreams we are thinking about accumulate? Perhaps in a kind of attic? What if insects come after a while? You have to worm your ideas. With hanging them on the balcony additionally the smell of damp will go away. İsn’t it the same as throwing the baby out with the bathwater what we do with our dreams? With a little thought we give up all of them, don’t we?

“You are very close to call the plumber.’’

The other day I discovered something like the sickness of enjoying to keep mum. After a little observation you can see that this is the case within tired, weary and weak to put up humans are .İt looks like a tree who has to be instilled urgently. Like boiling wax, rusty feelings get reamed.

“Who sees the blue pump is keeping her.”Could this be a new candidate for a  proverb in kitchen issues, why not?  But the real issue I want to talk about isn’t the sink of course.We must learn how to renovate ourselves and our minds. An accustomed person gets worse than a raving one but a weary person is much more worse.

We have to learn how to trim our pains,boredom, dreams and opinions, so that they can open again on every new spring.

By Organikinsan

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